Haggis & Cold Toast Photo Shoot

Karen leading the crux on thin ice

Karen leading the crux on thin ice

TUESDAY, February 18, 2014 – Karen Stolz and Nnamdi Davis tackled the Haggis & Cold Toast chimney in lower Chapel Pond Canyon on Saturday. R.L. Stolz rappelled in to photograph, while Karen and Nnamdi climbed the route in pleasant temperatures, but thin ice conditions. Although this climb can be done in one long pitch, we usually belay below the crux ice pillar. In winters with limited snow (such as this one) the route often requires mixed climbing and can be challenging to protect. Rock gear is essential.

Nnamdi in the upper chimney

Nnamdi in the upper chimney

This climb follows a narrow cleft in the rock, getting tighter and darker the higher you go, making well exposed photos tricky. And the tangle of cedar trees guarding the upper section demand roped, vertical bushwhacking to access a position to shoot from. All of the photos we have previously seen or taken of this climb have been disappointing. Not to be foiled again, R.L. decided going head to head with the serious shrubbery was the key to finally capturing the feel of this unique place.

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