Multiplication Gully Photo Shoot

PN Multi

Phil Nathan nearing the top of Multiplication Gully

THURSDAY, February 27, 2014 – Last Thursday, Karen Stolz and Phil Nathan climbed Multiplication Gully, located in a deep cleft on High Falls Crag in Wilmington Notch. The climb was fat and soft as it often is toward the end of the season. R.L. Stolz took the hard way, breaking trail up the steep walk-off in deep snow while lugging cameras, ropes and assorted other gear. Once he was on top, a short rap led to a tiny perch overlooking the second pitch. From this vantage point he was able to photograph most of the upper climb.

One of the more popular ice climbs in its grade range, this route was an obvious choice for inclusion in Classic Adirondack Climbs. Parties ahead of and behind us had traveled long distances to sample the great ice the Adirondacks are known for. Answering their many inquiries about route suggestions reminded us why we embarked on this book project.

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