R.L.’s 300th Ascent Of Roaring Brook Falls


Marnie Phillips preparing to celebrate atop Roaring Brook Falls

FRIDAY, March 21, 2014 – On Thursday, March 6, R.L. completed his 300th ice climb of Roaring Brook Falls with Marnie Phillips. This was Marnie’s first time leading the route so the champagne celebration on top served to commemorate two milestones. Turns out you can open cheap bubbly with an ice tool quite easily – check out the video!

While 300 times up any climb is a lot, over the course of 30 years that only amounts to climbing it ten times a season on average. As ice climbs go, there are few more enjoyable than this one. The spectacular setting, ever-changing ice, and frequent sunshine make it a true classic by nearly any measure and it should be on every Adirondack ice climber’s list. It’s not a bad rock climb either, but that’s another story.

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