Big Air Above Chapel Pass

Big air above Chapel PassMONDAY,  June 16, 2014 – This photo was taken during a photo shoot early last fall. Don Mellor, prominent local climber and guidebook author is shown leading the very exposed top pitch of Overture on the Washbowl Cliff in Chapel Pass. This popular climb is undoubtedly an Adirondack classic.

Don and R.L. were on the first ascent of this pitch of Overture together, and each has climbed it many times since. This pitch of the climb is known for its extreme ‘airiness’ and it is a popular photographic subject as well as a fabulous climb. Although we have published photos of this pitch in the past they never quite met our expectations. For this shoot, we wanted to really emphasize the ‘big air’ feel. The day before the shoot we rigged several ropes so we could rappel into positions that maximized the exposure and the views. After meeting Don and his belayer, Alex, at the base and shooting the first pitch, we scrambled up to the top of the cliff. R.L. dangled out over the edge of a massive overhang while Karen shot a different angle from above. We featured this photo on the spring post card for Alpine Adventures, our instruction and guide service.

We are preparing our shooting plans for the summer and fall and we’ll post details by the end of this week. Are you interested in climbing for our cameras? Contact us for information about when and where we will be photographing, and follow this blog for updates.

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