Classic Adirondack Climbs Photograph on Display

SUNDAY, July 26, 2015 – A print from our Classic Adirondack Climbs collection of photographs is on display at the recently opened SubAlpine Coffee shop in Keene Valley, NY. This image was made during our September 2014 shoot of Paralysis on the Main Face of Poke-O Moonshine with climbers Chris Hyson and Kim Martineau. We will swap our displayed prints every few months to keep things seasonally appropriate and to exhibit our latest creations.

Verticality of Lines

“Verticality of Lines”  Chris Hyson and Kim Martineau climbing on Paralysis, Poke-O Moonshine Cliff

We call this photograph “Verticality of Lines”. Photo notes:
“First climbed in 1959, this historic climb follows a sustained vertical crack to the top of a huge amphitheater. To reveal the steepness of this place, we positioned ourselves near the edge of the multi-colored rock face, on a small ledge 200 feet above the ground. Comfortable and secure, we could focus our attention on the essence of the climb: the verticality of the Paralysis crack juxtaposed against the striking lines of color on the rock, bathed in late morning light.”

We will be offering this print, and others from our Classic Adirondack Climbs collection, for sale starting later this summer. All of our prints are conservation grade archival artworks, custom crafted using pigment inks, acid-free mats and mounting materials, and each will last a lifetime. They are available matted or matted and framed. For more information contact us at 518-576-9881 or at

Stop by SubAlpine Coffee to check out their selection of outstanding coffee and tea drinks, and their assortment of baked goods. Owner, and barista, Patrick Walsh has elevated the quality of coffee in this area to new heights. If you are looking for a great espresso drink, tea or maybe a “maple steamer” in a relaxed and pleasant environment this is undoubtedly THE place to go.

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