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Classic Adirondack Climbs: Print Collection Now Available

MONDAY, September 11, 2017 – Consisting of twenty custom-crafted, fine art photographs, this collection includes our favorite images from the Classic Adirondack Climbs project. All twenty prints are on display, appropriately enough, on our indoor climbing wall or in our studio, and are available for sale in sizes up to 24″ x 32″. Please contact us for more information.

CAC Custom Prints GalleryIMG_1317


Hardcover Book Is Available!

THURSDAY, May 17, 2017 – Classic Adirondack Climbs: Rock, Ice & Slide Climbing Photographs from the East’s Largest Wilderness was recently completed and this hardcover coffee-table book is now available as a Collector’s Edition. The release of this book marks the completion of the first of the three components in our Classic Adirondack Climbs project. The second component, a collection of 20 fine art prints of our favorite images from the project, is in the final stages of hard-proofing and will be available within the next few weeks. Lastly, our climber’s guidebook in ebook format, Classic Adirondack Climbs – Selected Rock, Ice & Slide Climbs (easy to moderate routes), is still a ways off and we are shooting for completion this fall.

In an article about the book, appearing in Adirondack Life magazine’s 2017 Annual Guide to the Great Outdoors, climber Brandon Del Pozo writes “Each photograph is a moment in time that captures the beauty and wonder of Adirondack rock and ice.” Classic Adirondack Climbs is “a love note to everything classic and steep in the Adirondacks,” he concludes.Classic Adirondack Climbs - Rock, Ice & Slide Climbing Photographs from the East's Largest Wilderness

After more than three years of effort, we are very pleased to offer this book as the first component of our Classic Adirondack Climbs project.

For a brief presentation about the book, with links to purchasing information:

Classic Adirondack Climbs: Rock, Ice & Slide Climbing Photographs from the East’s Largest Wilderness

CAC Presentation July 11, 2016

R.L. and Karen Stolz will kick off the 2016 Keene Valley Library Lecture Series with an hour-long photographic presentation introducing their upcoming book, Classic Adirondack Climbs, on Monday, July 11, 2016 at 7:30pm. This program, at the Keene Valley Library in Keene Valley, NY is open to the public and admission is free. Find Out More


Wrapping Up Photo Shoots

SATURDAY, November 22, 2014 – In case you were wondering, we did not fall to our deaths shooting climbing photos! Over the summer and fall we completed numerous rock climbing photo shoots for Classic Adirondack Climbs, but between guiding and photo shoots we did not have time for blog posts. When we look back at our previous post, nearly five months ago, we realize just how much we have accomplished. We also realize how much we have to thank all the folks who helped us out by being climbing models, carrying loads, holding equipment, or rigging climbs for photo shoots. Many thanks to long-time friends, local climbers, Alpine Adventures clients and new friends for all the smiles, patience and willingness to “look up” and “hold it right there” until we got the shot.

Sabrina Hague leading, Rhonda McGovern belaying, P2 of The El, Pitchoff Chimney Cliff

Sabrina Hague leading, Rhonda McGovern belaying, P2 of The El, Pitchoff Chimney Cliff

We have completed all of the planned photo shoots for Classic Adirondack Climbs but we’ll try for better images on a few ice climbs during the early ice season as opportunities arise. Unlike most of our photos, the photographs we want will all be taken from far away with a very long lens. If you have plans to climb any of the following routes and you’re willing to be photographed for our project please let us know. All you have to do is be on the climb dressed in bright enough colors to be seen.

North Face of Pitchoff
Weeping Winds
Screw & Climaxe


We are currently working on writing and layout for the book, tasks that make the most of the short days between rock and ice seasons. Ice is forming and a few brave souls have already been out climbing. Although it may be a false start, winter has arrived.

Upcoming Photo Shoots: Remote Climbs

THURSDAY, June 26, 2014 – We are arranging photo shoots of the routes listed below for Classic Adirondack Climbs. We welcome your participation if you are interested in climbing for our cameras on any of these routes. Contact us for more information.

Roger's Rock on a perfect summer's day

Roger’s Rock on a perfect summer’s day

ROGER’S ROCK – We would like to photograph two parties (two climbers in each party) climbing simultaneously on Parallel Dreams, 5.8 G (5.4 X) and Bill to Still Bill, 5.8 PG.

DIX NORTHERN CIRQUE SLIDES – We would like to photograph two or three people climbing unroped on these 3rd/4th Class slides in one long day.

Overnight Required for WALLFACE (2-3 days) – We would like to photograph while climbing nearby a leader and second on The Diagonal, 5.8 G. We would also like to shoot climbers on the first pitch of No Man’s A Pilot, 5.9 G at the same time. If there was a party willing to climb the Case Route, 5.5 G the day before or after that would be even better. We’d like to get all three routes in one trip if possible and we can be flexible to that end. Falcon closures may impact scheduling.

Upcoming Photo Shoots

WEDNESDAY, February 12, 2014 – Ice conditions are nearing their peak for the season and, with the recent snow, it finally looks like winter out there! We have been photographing ice routes all winter and we are pleased with the results. There are a few climbs on our ‘short list’ and we would like to arrange photo shoots for them before they bake out.

We are currently looking at two time periods, the first starting Wed, February 19 and ending Wed, February 26, 2014 and the second starting Tue, March 4 and ending Fri, March 7, 2014. These will be fully rigged photo shoots, each requiring most of a day. See our Participation page for more information.

Champlain Palisades Ice

Drop, Swim or Die

Neurosis – Depending upon conditions, the climb might include the Italian Traverse rather than the normal first pitch.

Forbidden Wall – We are particularly interested in shooting the upper section using a boom.

Champlain Palisades
We’d like to shoot Drop, Swim or Die and the Champlain Monster in the same day.

Coming soon……Central Pillar of Pitchoff

 If you are available and interested please contact us so we can tell you more about our plans.