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Classic Adirondack Climbs: Print Collection Now Available

MONDAY, September 11, 2017 – Consisting of twenty custom-crafted, fine art photographs, this collection includes our favorite images from the Classic Adirondack Climbs project. All twenty prints are on display, appropriately enough, on our indoor climbing wall or in our studio, and are available for sale in sizes up to 24″ x 32″. Please contact us for more information.

CAC Custom Prints GalleryIMG_1317


Classic Adirondack Climbs Update

Sabrina Hague on Positive Reinforcement

Sabrina Hague on Positive Reinforcement

TUESDAY, March 1, 2016 –  Another long hiatus from this blog. Since our last update, we have still not fallen to our deaths making climbing photos! Writing and design for the book are moving along and we’ve sorted out most of our concerns regarding publication.

Late last summer, despite claiming to be done with the photos for  Classic Adirondack Climbs – Selected Rock, Ice & Slide Climbs (easy to moderate routes), we kept shooting. In fact, the spectacular and lengthy fall foliage season afforded us the opportunity to improve on some of the photos we had already selected for the book. We have also completed some winter photo shoots, despite the fact that this winter has been nearly snowless and ice has come and gone repeatedly. We are even more motivated to photograph climbs and climbers than we were when we started the Classic Adirondack Climbs project more than two years ago.

When we decided publishing Classic Adirondack Climbs as an e-book made far more sense, for most climbers, than a traditionally printed paper guidebook would, we knew we’d be trading away reproduction quality for a more utilitarian format. Even the very best of screens is no match for a printed page when it comes to quality and, as photographers, that matters to us. To that end, we decided we will release a large format, limited edition, hardcover book of selected images, including basic information about the climbs but excluding the bulk of the guidebook text. This companion volume is intended to serve as inspiration and a keepsake, rather than a source of route information. The coffee table book format will make it easy to peruse casually and share memories or aspirations with others.

After foliage season we took a break from writing and worked on our Classic Adirondack Climbs collection of photographs offered as prints. Printed entirely by us, using our Canon and Epson large format giclée printers, these custom-crafted archival prints allow us to share our favorite images from Classic Adirondack Climbs using the highest quality printing technology currently available. These fine art prints bring our photographs to life in ways that no electronic screen or printed book could, and they allow us to control the image creation process from the moment we first conceive of a photograph all the way through to the point where it is displayed on a wall. In conjunction with the e-book guidebook and the large-format printed book of photographs, these prints round out the methods for sharing our photographs.

Our original publication timeframe has expanded as the project itself has expanded. What started out as a fairly simple book project now includes three different formats, each with its own scope. We are projecting a coordinated release of the printed book and the e-book in 2016. Custom-crafted prints from the Classic Adirondack Climbs collection are available now.

Classic Adirondack Climbs has led us to another way to share our love for the mountains. While mountain guiding continues to provide deeply satisfying experiences in individual and small group contexts, mountain photography allows us to share our unique perspectives through a completely different medium and reach a much broader audience. Please check out Vertical Perspectives Photography to learn more about our new direction.

Vertical Perspectives Mountain Photography

TUESDAY, February 18, 2014 – You may be wondering about the Vertical Perspectives watermark on the photos posted on this site. We have been shooting climbing photos personally, and through Alpine Adventures, Inc., for more than 35 years and we have had photos published in a variety of contexts during that time. Our photos have been published in books, catalogs, posters, magazines and other media, and have served to illustrate the climbing and skiing programs we offer through Alpine Adventures, Inc..  Many of our other mountain photos, especially ones from trips abroad, appear only in privately published books.

When we decided to write Classic Adirondack Climbs last year, we also decided to dedicate more of our energy to mountain photography. Vertical Perspectives unites all of our photographic activities under a single brand, and will distinguish all of our work as we move forward with a variety of photographic projects. While climbing photography continues to be the focus of our efforts, we are shooting landscapes and other subjects as well. A dedicated Vertical Perspectives web site is under construction and will be launched in the near future.

Evening fog over Lower Cascade Lake

Evening fog over Lower Cascade Lake