A New Kind Of Adirondack Climbing Guidebook

SATURDAY, February 8, 2014 – Classic Adirondack Climbs looks at climbing in the Adirondacks differently from existing rock, ice and slide climbing guidebooks. While the current books do an excellent job of comprehensively documenting climbing throughout the Adirondack Park, our approach focuses on a carefully chosen selection of outstanding routes.Classic Adirondack Climbs – A Different Viewpoint

The routes we’ve selected for this book reflect what we think of as quintessential Adirondack climbing. With a few exceptions, they feature multi-pitch traditional climbing in extraordinary mountain settings, along with challenge and risk levels that will be comfortable for most experienced traditional climbers. The easiest routes we describe are barely technical slides; the most difficult routes included are rated 5.9 rock or WI4 ice. Protection ratings are mostly G or PG, but we have included a few poorly-protected routes so you can avail yourself of the full Adirondack experience if you wish!

Because the routes we include are situated in such visually striking places we allow our photographs, more so than our words, to entice you to climb them. Most of the numerous photographs were made just for this book, many employing specialized rigging and equipment, resulting in unique perspectives and a fresh view of Adirondack climbing.

Our route knowledge is informed by our experience guiding these climbs for more than thirty years, and our route descriptions will point you in the right direction while still leaving plenty of room for adventure. In some cases we offer a story, from one of our many ascents, that provides better guidance than any description could.

We’ve included routes from the following locations:

Roadside Climbs (under 1 hour approach)
Chapel Pass (17 routes), Cascade Pass (6 routes), Pitchoff North Face (2 routes), Spruce Hill (3 routes), Wilmington Notch (2 routes), Deadwater (1 route),  Pokomoonshine (8 routes)

Remote Climbs (over 1 hour approach)
Champlain Palisades (2 routes), Roger’s Rock (3 routes), Avalanche Pass (2 routes), Gothics (3 routes), Wallface (1 route), Dix /Lower Wolfjaw (2 routes), Pharaoh Mountain(1 route)

Classic Adirondack Climbs – Another ViewpointAbout The Authors – R.L. & Karen Stolz
As founders of Alpine Adventures, Inc. in Keene, NY we have guided rock and ice climbing in the Adirondacks, and around the world, since 1985. Our extensive knowledge and intimate recollections of the routes in this book make us uniquely suited to the task of writing it. Vertical Perspectives Photography, our foray into serious mountain photography, has allowed us to focus on creating new and different photographs for this book, which is expected to be available in late 2014. A second volume of more difficult climbs may follow a year or so later.

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