Classic Adirondack Climbs – Late July 2015 Update

SUNDAY, July 26, 2015 – Another long hiatus from blog updates. We have not disappeared or lost interest in this project. On the contrary,  between photography, writing and our guiding activities, we have simply been too busy to update this page.

Our photo shoots continued through last winter, spring, and into the summer months, despite our best intentions to STOP making more photos! The opportunity to re-shoot some of the routes for Classic Adirondack Climbs was just too enticing – better light, fresh perspectives and new faces all exerted their pull. And, we enjoyed every minute of every shoot, both rock and ice. We met more great folks who were as enthusiastic and supportive of this project as our friends and clients have been since we started it in the spring of 2013.

Delicate climbing on the Prince

Royce Van Evera on delicate face holds, following the exposed second pitch of Prince 

The photos, because they are our way of showing you just how spectacular some of the climbs we describe can be, are the most important part of Classic Adirondack Climbs. They also represent, by far, the most difficult aspect of putting this book together. Like many projects driven by passion, as much as common sense (more in this case), things have a way of taking longer than anticipated but we are now satisfied we have what we need.

We have no plans to stop making photographs, and our list of places to photograph is longer than ever, but our focus has shifted to wrapping up the writing for Classic Adirondack Climbs. We have worked on route descriptions and the many other aspects of writing from the start so it’s now a matter of ironing out wrinkles and pulling everything together. We are working with a graphic designer (and climber) and we expect to begin assembling final layouts this fall. If all goes well, the book will be available by early winter.

We have finalized some important decisions regarding the publication of Classic Adirondack Climbs. We will initially publish this guidebook in ebook format only. This format offers the most flexible and convenient options for use while climbing and it allows us to distribute the book to a much wider audience than would otherwise be possible.

Our personal climbing guidebook collection has been growing for more than 40 years and it includes nearly 500 printed books from all over the world. Some of these volumes are now valuable works of art, others are merely functional. As a collection, displayed in a book case, they are impressive and individually, many are beautifully crafted and a joy to peruse while sitting in a comfortable chair on a cold winter ‘s eve.

But, while climbing, printed guidebooks are simply not as practical as other options available today. Consequently, we have decided to separate the functional guidebook from the keepsake. We will therefore release a limited edition, large format, hardcover book of selected climbing photographs in addition to the ebook. This artfully-designed volume will include brief descriptions of the photographs but, unlike the ebook, it will not function as a guidebook but rather as a collectible edition. In this age of specialization it turns out you can have it both ways!

For those who are still stuffing guidebooks into their packs (trashing them in the process), or toting them up climbs (completely destroying them in short order) we have prepared a separate post (coming soon) detailing practical alternatives to carting around a printed guidebook. We have employed these simple, proven, solutions extensively and, as a result, we have not had a reason to carry a printed guidebook to a cliff in nearly 20 years!

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